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Scroll Saws

Head tilts 45 degrees Left & Right* (*with minor clamp knob adjustment)

Excalibur's unique Top Arm Lift

Adjustable stands for all 3 saws- 25" to 31" in 2" inc.
EX-16 & 21: 25.5"X27.5"
EX-30: 25.5"X36.5"
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EX-16 SPECIAL- Stand included - S/H calculated at checkout $684.99 out of stock
EX-16 SPECIAL- without stand - S/H calculated at checkout $584.99 out of stock
EX-21 SPECIAL - With Stand- FREE SHIPPING $899.99
EX-21 SPECIAL- Without Stand - S/H calculated at checkout $829.99
EX-30 SPECIAL- With Stand - S/H calculated at checkout $1,079.99
EX-30 SPECIAL- without stand - S/H calculated at checkout $1,029.99
21BS Stand Only (Adjustable height) EX-16 Stand S/H calculated at checkout $125.00
21BS Stand Only (Adjustable height) EX-21 Stand S/H calculated at checkout $125.00
30BS Stand Only (Adjustable height) EX-30 Stand S/H calculated at checkout $150.00
Enjoy hands-free on/off control with scroll saws and other small 110V 15 amp (or less) tools. Features constant “off” mode, press and hold down the switch to turn “on”, simply lift foot from switch to turn “off”. Includes 6 1/2 FT - 16 gauge power cord. Plug the footswitch into your power source and plug your scroll saw (or any other device that is within the rated amperage restriction) and enjoy the convenience of "hands-free" control.
FS-3 Universal 10 amp Footswitch (FREE S/H if purchased with saw) $29.95
Ultra Lightweight LED Magnifier worklamp. Bright "near natural" lighting. Simple and easy to mount. 3.5" diameter 2 Diopter optical quality magnifier. On/Off switch conveniently located. Complete with 110 Volt AC to 5.5 V DC power supply. Fits all Excalibur tilting head scroll saws as well as other saws where a single screw can secure the light to a stationery top arm near the front.
SDM-04 LED Work Lamp with Magnifier (FREE S/H if purchased with saw) $89.95
SEYCO’S LED Lighted Head Magnifier. Easily adjusts to fit your head for maximum comfortability. Includes removable (and movable) LED light and adjustable lens. The lighted head magnifier can be adjusted to magnify at 1.5X, 3X, 8.5X and 10X by combining the lenses in different configurations. While great for scrolling, the HBM-01’s portability will enable you to find dozens of uses for this very practical reasonably priced unit. Includes 2 - AAA batteries.
HBM-01 Headband Magnifier w/LED light $24.95
Compact and Ultra Quiet Scroll Saw Dust collector complete with 1 gallon cyclonic action type knock out pot. Enjoy the convenience of using this small dust collector with the 3 way plug (provided with unit) to allow your vac to come on only when you are running the saw. Quietness level is comparable to much more expensive vacuum units. Complete with all necessary hose and magnetic pickup attachment.
DV-10A Dust Collector System........Complete......... Plus S/H $149.95
Metro #DVP-26RP 2 ply replacement bags for Seyco's DV-10A scroll saw dust collector. Package of 5 bags.
DV10-Bag $5.00
Adjustable vacuum attachment to use with your vac unit with a standard 1-1/4" hose fitting. 18" overall length - comes complete with 3 mounting options. Perfect for "pin point" adjustment of your vacuum pickup right beside the blade and does not interfere with access to the blade clamp.
#DVA-02 Adjustable Vacuum Attachment (+ S/H) (FREE S/H if purchased with saw) $24.95
Seyco's round thumbscrew upgrade is simply fantastic for prevention or care of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome! The round knob is ready to grip when you reach straight into it therefore eliminating the need to be repeatedly ratcheting your wrist to align your thumb and finger with the position of the "T" knob. Our round knobs have the same precision machining as the original "T" knob to provide correct alignment and maximum gripping of the blades.
QKM Round Thumbscrew upgrade.....one (FREE S/H if purchased with saw) $16.50
SAVE $$$ on your second knob when buying them in a set of two for both top and bottom blade clamps.
QKM-06 Round Thumbscrew upgrade...set of 2 (FREE S/H if purchased with saw) $29.95
Quick Clamp renewal kit replaces only the parts that actually touch the blade. No need to purchase expensive parts when all that wears is these parts that actually grip the blade.
QCRX Quick Clamp Renewal Kit for Top & Bottom clamp (FREE S/H if purchased with saw) $6.30
AIR BLOWER EXTENSION. UNIQUE SWIVELING "BALL-JOINT" DESIGN makes this extension the most adjustable design possible. Directs the air from your blower with "Pin-Point" accuracy keeping the pattern line clear of saw dust! Mount this NEW blower extension to any scroll that has the common 1/4" plastic (nylon) tubing used on most scroll saws. 14" overall length with a 1/4" nozzle on one end and 1/8" NPT threads on the other end. The 1/4" tubing will slip snugly into the NPT threaded opening! Mounting straps included. 14 inches long
#ADB-03 Adjustable Dust Blower Extension (FREE S/H if purchased with saw) $14.95
To have your blade exactly square with the saw table is a must in any project where parts are to be fitted together. Seyco guarantees our engineers square to be SQUARE.
BSQ 2" Precision Engineers Square $6.95