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Illustrated above is our suggestion to provide everything needed for shaping your Intarsia pieces (select #GWSC-05 or #SE-CGE below for packaged savings) or browse through our time tested individual accessories and select your choice of items to add to your own collection.
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GWSC-05 Complete Intarsia Sanding Solution Package. FREE SHIPPING $589.00
#SE-CGE Complete Sanding Solution plus Mobile Dust Collector. FREE SHIPPING $989.00

A perfect companion to our Dual Drum sanding unit above. Captures chips, dust and debris. Powerful 1 HP motor features sealed bearings and shaft for quiet, long-lasting operation. Large 7" rubber wheels and rolling casters for easy portability to place the unit where you need it.

Inlet diameter 4” - Airflow capacity 506 CFM
Sound rating 80 - 85 dB - Bag capacity 15 GALLON
High efficiency 1 micron canister filter
Canister size 14 1/2" x 11 3/4"
Overall dimensions (l x w x h) 31 1/8” x 18 7/8” x 47 5/8”
Quick-release bag clamps with metal straps.
Motor 1 HP, 110 V, 7 A - Weight 51 LBS
Precision spin-balanced impeller for smooth operation and minimal noise
10-030 1 HP Mobile Sanding Dust Collector by General $429.99
GET INFLATABLE DRUM SANDER RESULTS AT A FRACTION OF THE COST. Use our amazing "FLEX DRUM" sander to shape your INTARSIA projects or any project that calls for shaping or a "Rounded Over" effect. Special design arbor clamps to your 1725 RPM 1/2" or 5/8" motor shaft or use the 1/2" adapter shaft to fit your drill press. 2 3/8" diameter X 7" length. Each "FLEX DRUM" kit comes complete with arbor & 2 padded sanding sleeves (1 - 80 grit and 1 - 120 grit). The padded sanding sleeve easily slides onto the arbor with it's grips that prevent slippage.
DS-01 Flex Drum Sanding Kit W/ 2 padded sleeves $37.95
DS-AS Adapter Shaft (DS-01 kit to Drill Press) 1/2" X 2-1/2" $4.95
PSL-80 80 Grit Padded Abrasive Replacement Sleeve $5.25
PSL-120 120 Grit Padded Abrasive Replacement Sleeve $5.25
PSL-180 180 Grit Padded Abrasive Replacement Sleeve $5.25
PSL-220 220 Grit Padded Abrasive Replacement Sleeve $5.25
Comes completely pre-wired including the worklamp. Base has rubber pad feet and holes for mounting to your workbench or stand. 2 DS-01 Flex Drum kits are included with the 1/3 HP; 120Volt; 1800 RPM motor. Fantastic "wood shaping" assistant!
GWSC-03 Dual Flex Drum Sanding Unit Complete with Stand $284.90
GWSC-01 Dual Flex Drum Sanding Unit - Bench top unit -No Stand $194.95
GWSC-10 HEAVY DUTY Dual Flex Drum Bench top Sanding Unit - No Stand.This unit Features a beefy US made Baldor motor manufactured to SEYCO specifications. $324.95
GWSC-ST Stand With Tray $89.95
GWSC-DH Dust Hood Mounts to Stand. $89.95
#GWSC-AC BUY THE COMPLETE SMALL ACCESSORY KIT AND SAVE $$ Use these accessories on the right side of the motor (with the use of the flex shaft) to enhance your sanding and make your sanding tasks so much easier. Order the complete Accessory kit at right or you can order individual items that make up the kit below. The Cup Sanders and Mini Flex Sanders are 80; 120; 180 & 220 grit and the Mini Flutter Wheels are 120; 180 & 220 grit. The flex shaft comes complete with the motor shaft adapter for easily and quickly attaching to the right side shaft and quickly change to which ever accessory your project needs next.
GWSC-AC $179.95
40” Flexible Shaft is a great addition to work on the right side of the GWSC-01 motor kit. Comes equipped with “InstyBit” Quick Release chuck and shaft adapter for drive end to make tool changing in a snap. This Kit also includes item #IBQ-5A (shown below) so you can easily attach it to your 1/2" RH motor shaft. Maximum recommended speed - 1725 RPM
FXQ-40 Quick Release Flex Shaft Kit (40" long) Complete $89.95
• NEW DESIGN • Seyco "Mini" Flex Drum Detail Sanders. Flex padded sleeves 1-1/4 diameter X 2" Long; Hex "Quick Change" arbor with each padded sleeve. Works Great with SEYCO'S Flexible shaft (shown above) and used on the GWSC-01 Dual Drum Sanding Unit. Available in 4 different grits.
MDS-01 80 Grit Mini Flex Drum Detail Sander 1.25" dia X 2" $5.95
MDS-02 120 Grit Mini Flex Drum Detail Sander 1.25" dia X 2" $5.95
MDS-03 180 Grit Mini Flex Drum Detail Sander 1.25" dia X 2" $5.95
MDS-04 220 Grit Mini Flex Drum Detail Sander 1.25" dia X 2" $5.95
• NEW DESIGN • Seyco "Rounded End Cup Sander" Flex Drum New design rounded end padded sleeve sander with Quick Connect hex shaft with each sander. Saves having to change the Quick Connect arbor for each grit change! Works Great with SEYCO'S Flexible shaft (shown above) used on the GWSC-01 Dual Drum Sanding Unit. Available in 4 different grits.
BNS-01 80 Grit Rounded End Cup Sander 1.25" Diameter $6.95
BNS-02 120 Grit Rounded End Cup Sander 1.25" Diameter $6.95
BNS-03 180 Grit Rounded End Cup Sander 1.25" Diameter $6.95
BNS-04 220 Grit Rounded End Cup Sander 1.25" Diameter $6.95
Seyco's Mini Flutter Wheels are great for "touch up" sanding after you have assembled your Intarsia piece and find that small area where you would like to sand a little more before the final finish is applied. Works perfectly with Seyco's Flex Shaft on the GWSC unit. Available in 3 finish grits.
MFW-02 120 Grit Mini-Flutter with Arbor $14.95
MFW-03 180Grit Mini-Flutter with Arbor $14.95
MFW-04 220Grit Mini-Flutter with Arbor $14.95
SeeSander - See your work clearly as you remove the precise amount of material necessary to form your desired shape in wood, plastic, metals, etc. or sharpening chisels & cutting tools. Fits your 1/4" or bigger chuck in a drill press, hand drill, or grinder with 3,500 maximum RPM.
STD-06 Kit w/3 disk 1- Coarse, 1 - Medium, 1 - Fine Grit & 1 - arbor $27.95
STD-01 1 Replacement disk Fine Grit $7.95
STD-02 1 Replacement disk Medium Grit $7.95
STD-03 1 Replacement disk Coarse Grit $7.95
STD-A2 1 Arbor for any of our disk's $3.95
This “Finger Wheel” works great when you are finish sanding any kind of shaped wood, especially Intarsia. When you do the rough shaping with a disc, belt or any other kind of sanding medium that has the tendency to leave lines or ridges go straight to this 220 grit finishing wheel and before you know it your ready to apply your finish! The long lasting 1/8” strips are designed to GENTLY finish sand your wood shape without CHANGING the basic shape you have established. The wheel has over 1500 strips times 1725 motor RPM equals almost 3 million gentle swipes per minute to your workpiece! Fits RH (right hand side) of our GWSC motor.
SFW-06 Finger Wheel Finish Sanding Wheel approx 7" X 2" $64.95
InstyBit Quick Chuck with adapter clamps directly onto your 1/2” RH (right hand) motor shaft to provide quickly attach or detach flex shaft or other tools with 1/4” hex quick connect shafts.
IBQ-5A Quick Change Hex Adapter for 1/2" RH shaft $37.95
1/2” Keyless Chuck with adapter to motor shaft to add virtually any tool with up to a 1/2” shaft with “KEYLESS” Ease ! Clamps onto your 1/2”RH (right hand) motor shaft.
KC-5A 1/2" Keyless Chuck with 1/2" Shaft Adapter $37.95
InstyBit adapter fits any 1/4” shaft tools. 2 set screws clamp directly onto 1/4” round shaft rotary tools.
IBA -25 Hex Quick change to 1/4" round shaft Adaptor $7.25
Taper threaded adapter for all kinds of polishing & sanding/buffing wheels with a 1/8” to 3/8” hole.
TMIB-25 Tapered Thread Pad adapter $9.95
1/2” wheel arbor accepts up to a 2” wide wheel for sanding or polishing and clamps directly onto your 1/2” RH (right hand) motor shaft.
TSA-5R 2" Wheel Arbor for 1/2" Motor Shaft $8.95